In Memoriam


Life is a gift from God. Our children, family, friends, neighbors, and strangers are all gifts to be savored. Keep the positive memories alive and thank God for the blessings in your past, present, and future.




This page is dedicated to our classmates who are no longer with us...


Anthony M. Sperando
Arthur "Sonny" Burnside
Arthur Joseph
Artrick Prince
Brendetta K. Pruitt
Brian Briggs
Charles Wilkens
Charlotte L. Bosley
Cheryl A. Mobley
Christopher Lachapelle
Claudette M. Haskins Harrison
Daniel Lullo
Danny Fine
Daryl Williams
Deborah L. Wright
Delores Whitehead
Dennis "Turtle" Clark
Diane Fabiani
Diane Henderson
Duane Black
Elroy Collier
Eugene Moore
Eugene Thomas
Frank Semple
Frank St. Angelo
Fred Behn
Glynn N. Whaley
Guylynn Banks
Harvey Love
Henry L. Roby
Hugo Wright
Janice Campbell
Jeanette Smith
Jeffrey L. Udovich
Joe Cerrone
Joe Montana
John M. Pignataro
Larry Lofton
Larry S. Johnson
Leon Holmes
Ligita A. Grins
Lonnie Coggins
Louis Wheeler
Maggie Greene
Mai Maar
Margaret V. Johnson Henley
Martha J. Owens
Martin A. Yench
Mary Ann English
Meschel Garrette
Michael H. Clohecy
Michael H. Simpson
O'neal McSwain
Orlando Theus
Othelia Belser
Pam Sykes
Pamela Campbell
Pamela Grayer Boyd
Raymond C. Lyons
Richard Topps
Robert M. Filetti
Ronald T. Scott
Rossie Denton
Sims Gray
Sollie S. McElroy
Tiretha Pyles
Tom Proscopio
Travis Dunston
Virginia Anthony
Wendell Dixon
William Hammock
Willie Arrington
Willie Lee Smith